Type 35mm Single-Lens Reflex.

Lenses Pentax K mount. Pentax screw-mount with adapter; manual diaphragm and stop-down metering.

Name K1000, spotlighting the advanced 1/1,000 top shutter speed.


Through-the-lens full-aperture metering. Instant-return mirror.

Single 360º rotating shutter speed dial.

Full-aperture coupled metering.

ASA setting on shutter dial with automatic ASA lock.

Full-aperture viewing with fully automatic diaphragm (closes down to set shooting aperture and reopens to full aperture automatically for every shot).

Bright Fresnel focusing screen with microprism center spot (also additional split-image on K1000 SE). "Pure Image" finder with no distractions except the meter/zone system needle.

Automatic double-exposure prevention.

Shutter-cocked indicator.

Combined shutter cock and film-wind lever.

Ratcheted multi-step wind lever. Many Nikons don't have this.

Automatic resetting frame counter.

Rewind crank with folding lever and rotating crank tip.

Ratcheted single or multi-stroke wind lever with comfortable plastic tip.

X-sync hot shoe. PC flash sync socket.

Threaded for a conventional cable-release.

¼-20 tripod socket. Tripod Screw Maximum Depth: 5.5mm.

Finder 0.88x magnification with 50mm lens.

Glass prism. Ground glass with central microprism spot. The luxury K1000 SE version seen here has a combined split-image rangefinder with microprism collar.

Meter needle, and that's it.

Shutter Horizontal rubberized-silk focal-plane. 1 ~ 1,000 and Bulb.

1/60 flash sync. For flash bulbs, use 1/30 and slower with M, MF and FP bulbs.

Orange "cocked" indicator next to shutter button. Uses a regular screw-in cable release.

Wind Lever Single or ratcheted multiple strokes. 160º throw with 10º stand-off.

Frame counter goes to 37, starts at 00.

Meter Two CdS cells. Single live needle in finder: center is OK, up is brighter and down is darker.

ASA 20 ~ ISO 3,200. Metering range: EV 3 ~ EV 18 at ISO 100 with f/2 lens.

Power One tiny 20¢ A76, LR44, SR44 or S76 cell. Power Switch: None, just leave on the lens cap so the CdS cells sucks no power.

Size 3.7 x 5.6 x 1.9 inches HWD. 93.5 x 143 x 49.5 millimeters HWD.

Weight Japan: with battery, strap lugs but no caps, strap or film: 21.375 oz. (606.0g). Japan: with battery, strap lugs and 36-exposure film but no caps or strap: 22.155 oz. (628.1g).

Weight China: with battery, strap lugs but no caps, strap or film: 18.567 oz. (526.4g). China: with battery, strap lugs and 36-expoousure film but no caps or strap: 19.347 oz. (548.5g).

Missing No self-timer. No easy double-exposures. No motor drive, except for this one. No Autofocus No auto exposure. No easy depth-of-field preview (you can press the lens mount button and half-unmount the lens to preview depth of field.) No mirror lock-up. No intervalometer. No custom functions. No interchangeable focus screens. No batteries (just one tiny cell). No problem! None of that other stuff is important; the K1000 lets us pay attention to our picture instead of our camera's instruction book.